About Us


Wear by LD

I think the world forgets that one of the definitions of the word DRUNK is to be dominated by a strong feeling or emotion. 

All too often, the world embodies the word DRUNK with a negative light behind it. I have put a positive spin on it by creating an acronym,and a unique style of street wear that has become a movement that you can be a part of. 

I am:
D.R.U.N.K With love
D.R.U.N.K with Power
D.R.U.N.K with Passion
D.R.U.N.K with GOD
D.R.U.N.K on my family and friends
D.R.U.N.K on life!

Always stay D.R.U.N.K !

What are you D.R.U.N.K on?

Do. Right. U. Never. Know

Thank you for the support!